Wonderfully Warm & Woolly Scarf Making Workshop

Yesterday I ran the most wonderfully fun workshop just down the road from the Crafty Squirrel Shop at South Street Art Studio. We started off the day with a delicious morning tea of scones and muffins and all sorts of yummy things (thanks to Linda our lovely host!) and whilst we all got to know each other over cups of tea - I could tell the girls were itching to get started!

Using a beautifully soft length of wool cashmere (I'd prepared earlier) as our scarf base and lots of felted woollen jumper pieces from my studio - we then played around with various techniques and methods to create one of a kind scarves.

I was so impressed with their creativity and whilst we ran out of time towards the end...probably because we got chatting over the gorgeous lunch Linda made (we could have stayed on stitching for another 2 or 3 hours I think) - the girls were happy with what they had done and I was delighted with their end results. Their scarves were beautiful! What a fun and memorable day!


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Rufus Williams said...

Love the spots! Reminds me of our pom-pom blanket on The Squirrel King:


Cheerio Rufus

Virginia Mason said...

Great idea! Isn't felt wonderful to work with.

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