The Crafty Squirrel is opening tomorrow!

 Well finally I am very happy to say that the finishing touches are being done on The Crafty Squirrel. What an amazing journey it has been.

Thanks go out to my family and friends (even lovely neighbours) for all lending a helping hand along the way (got to love those week-end working bees), my husband Sam who has worked tirelessly (and very patiently may I add) under my somewhat demanding ways (do this, hang this, paint this!) and my very wise and experienced pal Allison who has been here every Friday for the last few weeks helping to sort and price all the stock with me and who has been so so supportive. Thanks go to you all!

Tomorrow is the official opening day! (Friday 1 July). We will be open on Fridays 10am to 5pm and Saturdays 10am to 4pm. 

I have had the most amazing time setting up the shop - the merchandising by far has been my favourite part - I hope you love it, I can't wait to share the Crafty Squirrel with you all!

International Yarn Bombing Day - Operation Cheer up Ballarat!

Yesterday was International Yarn Bombing Day and of course I didn’t need a better excuse to have a go at decorating the power pole directly out the front of the Crafty Squirrel. What a hoot!

Last night - my in laws who were up visiting and my trusty husband Sam braved the icy cold night air with me to climb up a rather precarious ladder in the dark to stitch on my offering. Two hours later we were almost frozen solid – but what an achievement! So snuggly and colourful don’t you think!

Hopefully my creation will last the icy Ballarat winter through! All across Ballarat this morning residents awoke to others yarn bombing efforts. Operation cheer up Ballarat has certainly brought a smile to locals. All the bronze prime ministers busts in the Botanic Gardens have been given their very own beanies and scarves, parking meters have scarves and park benches have little arm rest cozies. What a hoot!

Shop opening postponed!

Unfortunately I have over done it and now have tonsillitis as a result. Thankfully my lovely husband Sam will put together a small stall for me at the Daylesford Makers Market tomorrow. I will also be postponing the opening of The Crafty Squirrel shop until later in June - stay tuned! Thanks for all the support. x