Ric Rac

Ric Rac (or Rick Rack) is a decorative zig zag trim which can be used on a wide assortment of clothing and craft based projects. 

For a number of years now I have collected vintage packets of ric rac and I just LOVE all the different brands and packaging I have found in my travels. The gorgeous vintage colours really appeal to me and are very different to what you can buy these days. I think if you are sewing with vintage fabrics it is really nice to use vintage trims too and vintage ric rac is no exception.

I particularly LOVE it on vintage aprons – and many of my ‘pinnys’ are embellished with it, usually on the top of the pocket or around the hem line. What fun I have had wearing them in the Crafty Squirrel as I play shop keeper!

This afternoon I got all inspired and dug out some old red ric rac that I had in my stash and turned it into this ric rac rosette ring – it was quick and easy to make and is a lovely way to show off ric rac in a different way.

Apple Pincushions

Apple pin cushions by Morgan Wills
I have been making these apple pin cushions for a couple of years now and it seems that as soon as I have made a new batch they are gone before I know it!
I love making them - as it is something that Mr Squirrel and I work on together - I choose the fabrics, cut the pieces, sew and stuff them and make the leaf and stem and Mr Squirrel finishes them off by sewing them closed, sewing the stem to the leaf and then the leaf to the apple and the most important part - the tufting, which gives it that lovely apple shape.
I couldn't make them without Mr Squirrel because the 'tufting' part is the trickiest bit and after making so many apples - he is the master!
Anyway - I know a few of you have come in recently wanting to buy one and I haven't had any in stock. I just wanted to let you know that we have made a new batch and they are ripe for the picking!

Vintage Carded Buttons

Vintage Carded Buttons for sale at the Crafty Squirrel
Since opening the Crafty Squirrel - I have been collecting original vintage carded buttons from the UK and the USA. What I didn't realise when I started was how addictive it would become!

The thrill of finding one I haven't yet seen and then the joy of someone buying it in the shop to add to their treasured collection is fantastic.

Of course some I can't bare to part with - so they get added to my secret squirrel stash. Still I can't keep everything...that's why I have a shop!