Vintage Treasures

Gorgeous vintage crayons - I just LOVE the box! 
It's no secret that I am a lover of vintage. Every day items from yester year just seem to tug at my 'love' strings. I think it has a lot to do with the packaging, the illustrations, colours and styling.

I can't help but be nostalgic and I know when I have visitors to the shop - they often comment on how it takes them back in time.

This love of vintage and strong re-purposing and recycling nature gives me lots of material to work with in my own creative journey and in my own products I make to sell.

But a love of travel and treasure hunting also leads me to seek out things from all over the world to share with you....these are just a few of my recent finds. Enjoy!
Vintage crochet hooks - love, love, love the colours.

1950's vintage party decorations - made in Japan.

Gorgeous 1950's hair clips - made in Hong Kong.

Who wouldn't want to sew with 'Sun Sewing Silk'.

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