Sew What Display – Maryborough Flour Mill Gallery

On Sunday in celebration of Mother’s Day – Mum and I went on a little outing to Maryborough, Victoria.

About 1 hour north of Ballarat in an old Flour Mill is the most amazing collection of sewing machines a girl could ever see. Of course little did we know how wonderful this collection was going to be and so we left it to the end of the day to visit and of course ran out of time and had to whip around in a rush! I still had time to snap a few photos of my favourite machines though and learn a bit about the history of sewing machines from our very passionate guide and collector Wayne.

On display are over 350 vintage, antique and toy sewing machines from 1876 to 1960 and we were told that they all work!  I particularly loved the coloured machines from the 60’s, some of them reminded me of the interior of old holdens - I think it’s the dials and chrome knobs. I also really loved the gorgeous early 19th century treadle machines with the beautiful decorative patterns.

The Museum is open Thursday to Sunday 10am to 5pm or by appointment. Tours welcome. Also open Mondays of long weekends. Well worth a visit if you are ever up that way. Allow yourself a couple of hours though!


Lydia said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing, a road trip is in order for this one!

Judi said...

Thank you Morgan - we just discovered your the article and photos. We have linked it on our Facebook page Maryborough Flour Mill Gallery (Vic) .
Judi and Wayne from Sew What at the Maryborough Flour Mill Gallery

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