Holiday Treasure Hunting

Cute Squirrel ceramics
Vintage buttons and assorted sewing bits & bobs from my Parents in law
It may have seemed a little quiet on the Crafty Squirrel front as I took the month of January off for a little holiday with my family. The month has gone quickly and I am now gearing up to re-open the shop this Friday – 3 Feb.

I have missed being in the shop over the last month – having lots of lovely chats with everybody that pops in. However – I have not been idle! I have been treasure hunting!

 From Warrnambool to Bendigo, Warragul to Castlemaine, Daylesford, Ballarat, and all around Melbourne. I have spent a great deal of my summer holidays on the hunt for treasure. What amazing gems I have found!

From linen souvenir tea towels, vintage table cloths & doilies, boxes of vintage buttons, beautiful vintage sequins still in their packets, boxes of 1950’s confetti, knitting needles, a beautiful old box filled with unfinished embroideries, threads and ric rac, cigar boxes, beautiful postcards from the turn of the century, pop up needle books, old wooden rulers, ceramic squirrels, gorgeous cake plates and of course lots of vintage aprons.

To be honest – I could go on and on. I don’t think I have ever found so many goodies! AND! I have also been collecting and making lots of new things for the shop. Seeing Valentine’s Day is fast approaching I have spent quite a bit of time making a new window display to celebrate and some sweet little recycled jumper felt heart brooches.
Gorgeous old postcards
I am looking forward to sharing more with you on Friday – but for now I must confess, as this is just a snapshot of what I actually found in my travels – I have quite a bit of sorting out, re-arranging and setting up to do!

 Hope to see you soon!

Vintage Sequins still in theirs packets

Linen Souvenir tea towels

Confetti, Embroidery bits, needles and wooden rulers

Beautiful pop up needle book

A small selection from over 120 vintage button cards 

Cool cigar boxes for displaying product

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Frankie and Ray said...

Such excellent finds, Morgan! I'm drooling over the lot. What a great way to spend some time off from the shop!Jo xx

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