Custom Squirrel Cuckoo Clock

Custom Squirrel Cuckoo Clock by Betty Jo
A little while ago now I had a visit at The Crafty Squirrel from my very talented crafty pal Liz aka Betty Jo.

Liz had come up to Ballarat to collect the offcuts from my gorgeous red marmoleum floor and I had an idea that perhaps Liz could weave her lino magic and turn a piece of my floor off cut into a squirrel themed cuckoo clock for the shop.

Little did I know that whilst Liz was in the shop she bought some vintage buttons and wooden strawberry beads which she also planned to incorporate into my custom clock.

Whilst I was down in Melbourne recently doing some markets - I had the opportunity to stop in at Markit at Federation Square - where Liz presented me with the clock. It was LOVE at first site!

Absolutely and categorically the finest and most beautiful squirrel clock I have ever seen! Isn't it just fantastic! I particularly love the acorns, the hand dyed doily and the tiny green buttons too.

I couldn't wait to get back to the shop to hang it and as Liz had noticed whilst she was here - I even already had a nail in the bricks ready to hang it on - it was mean't to be.

When it comes to upcycling lino - Liz is the queen and so amazingly creative - make sure you check out Liz's shop Gleaners and her other blogs and FB here & here.

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