Crafty Girls Talk

A few months ago local Ballarat author Jennifer Forest (of Jane Austen's Sewing Box fame) sent me an email inviting me to be interviewed for her new book - Crafty Girls Talk. Naturally I was delighted to be asked and had a lovely afternoon chatting with Jennifer about the ins and outs of my business - what I do and how I do it. Of course my story is only one of many.

Crafty Girls Talk is a collection of interviews from around the world of women who craft for fun, for profit and for others. Each story is an exploration of that crafty girl's world, what they make and where they have taken their passion for creating.

Those of you who know me will know that I love a good chat! I love to hear the stories of those that pop into the shop or whom I meet at a market. I love to hear about what others are creating, crafting, making. What inspires them, who they learn't their skill from be it sewing, knitting or crochet or just what inspires them in their creative lives.

This book is like having a good chat about all of those things. Learning from others about what they do and why and namely how is just so inspiring. This is definitely the type of book that you could sit down with a nice cup of tea and get totally lost in the stories of these creative women from across the globe.

When the book was nearing completion - Jennifer got in touch again to ask if it would be ok to use a photo I had taken of one of my apple pincushions on the front cover of the book. I was honoured!

Yesterday after much awaited anticipation - the book arrived! How exciting! And in the name of celebration - I have decided a little giveaway is the order of the day!

From now until 3pm on Saturday 6 October - if you like and share my photo on the Crafty Squirrel facebook page - you will go into the draw to win your very own signed copy of Crafty Girls Talk and also a handmade apple pin cushion made by yours truly. You've got to be in it to win it - so get liking!

I will also have copies of the book for sale at The Design Exchange Market on Sunday 7 October at the Mining Exchange, Ballarat - with Jennifer Forest herself hosting a book signing from 11am and also at subsequent design markets I am attending this year and of course in the Crafty Squirrel Shop!


Marcy Smith said...

oh i just died with glee and deliousness at that cover design that apple is amazing!!! Love to give one of those to everyone of my fav teachers!!!

Project Rabbit said...

Hey Morgan, will you be involved with the pop up shop?

Morgan Wills said...

Yes I will be :-) Looking forward to it!

hueisei said...

Love the book!

Jessie said...

Looks too nice to stick pins in!

Unknown said...

My girls would love this book!!

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