Miss Haberdash

I first stumbled across Miss Haberdash’s work at a Melbourne craft market a couple of years ago. I was taken by a gorgeous calico bag with a vintage pattern transferred on to it and a couple of gorgeous green buttons. Of course it had to be mine and the clincher was that in it’s previous life as a pattern – the owner had written their name on it ‘Willis’ which is often what my surname is mistaken for.

Needless to say – I tucked Miss Haberdash (Alison) away in my ‘must have’ for my little shop idea and went on my merry way. 
Sometime down the track, I was pleasantly surprised one market day to find that Miss Haberdash was my neighboring stall holder. You beauty! From there Alison and  I shared our love of vintage haberdashery and the deal was done – I would sell her lovely pieces in The Crafty Squirrel!

Here Alison shares some of her story...

What inspired and motivated you to start your business?
This was always my career path, from school days, art college and beyond! I’ve been lucky, to work in many creative fields (art teacher, book sewer, visual merchandiser, embroidery digitizer etc.) which really keeps you on your toes. In between jobs I've managed to travel - a lot, which has been exciting and inspiring. I love making art and it’s been my focus for as long as I can remember. At times it’s a juggling act, but Miss Haberdash keeps me happy.

How have you developed and defined your signature aesthetic?
It’s not really been so calculated!  An op shop find or an online purchase starts the ball rolling. At the moment I’m rooted in    nostalgia, looking for a way out.

Where do you gather your inspiration?
I’m a bit of a magpie and constantly looking for inspiration. These days the blogging world keeps me up late! My 70s childhood and British heritage are probably the most obvious references for Miss Haberdash. Mum had a Singer sewing machine and would cut out dress patterns on the living room floor. Our suburban house was a riot of tangerine walls with swirly patterned carpet. I’m vintage through and through.

What does the future hold in store?
Making new ideas happen and taking time out to experiment is hard. From light bulb moment to stall ready can take forever. I’m working on that.

I now have in stock – gorgeous calico bags, greeting cards, gift tags and the cutest bookmarks ever – if you love a spot of nostalgia like I do – its Miss Haberdash all the way!

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