Two more sleeps...

Well...I think after a big day today - I  finally have a handle on my contribution to our Grand Easter Garage Sale!

I have spent hours and hours going through all areas where I store my crafty stash of fabrics, sewing notions and vintage bits and bobs plus I have gathered lot's of goodies from the shop and of course things that I make myself and have piled it all up in the middle of our lounge room.

I can't wait till the family gets home and sees what I have done!

This is a massive pile of crafty goodness just waiting for me to take it up to Daylesford tomorrow to set up all ready for Saturday at 9am.

Having watched Allison's treasures unfold - I have begun to get truly excited. I don't think I have ever seen a sale filled with so many things - I actually want for myself.

It's dangerous - it's fun....make sure you bring lots of money - that is my only advice!

You won't be sorry. See you Saturday!

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Frankie and Ray said...

Maybe it's just as well I'll be staying local this weekend! Hope you have a fun day. xx

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