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Part of the joy of opening the Crafty Squirrel is the fact that I get to share all of the things that make my heart sing with you. Lot's of the things I have for sale in my shop come from other designer makers that I admire and have got to know over my years of having stalls at Craft Markets, stands at Trade Shows, networking through my association with Craft Victoria and well just in my travels - you know I love to chat!

I also really like to get to know creative types and what makes them tick - so based on this I thought I would share with you some background on the work of those lovely creative peeps that I sell in the shop....first up is Jennifer Hyland who I met as a fellow stall holder at North Melbourne Market.

Of course - I adore vintage fabrics and Jen is definitely the girl to know! A great eye for choosing striking patterns and colourways has become A+/- Piece of Cloth - here she shares her answers to some of my questions...
What inspired and motivated you to start your business? 
I have always collected fabric for my work and for sewing but add that to a love of travel and you end up with so much of it you just have to let some of it go. And now I have an excuse to keep collecting it but to also make it my job by letting it go to other peoples stash. I travel frequently overseas and it allows me to source wonderful prints. The older ones are so amazing, I can look at them for hours on end.

How have you developed and defined your signature aesthetic?
I would like to think that I can pick a strong print and good colours. Thats what I aim for when I'm sourcing, that its a well designed or unusual print. If it doesn't grab me I say no. I also seek out geometrics and novelties more so than florals. So my range of vintage fabrics has a very strong print emphasis. I also only source cotton, silk, rayon and acetate. No synthetics unless of course its a 1970's photo print, I can't say no. 

Where do you gather your inspiration?
err... not sure I do gather inspiration....when you are arse up in box in a dusty old attic there isn't much inspiration in there especially when you pull out an old pair of undies!!!! But I guess its the thrill of the chase, you never know what you will find in some old town in the middle of Nowherseville USA.

What does the future hold in store?
I want to keep sourcing and collecting....and as they say 'she who dies with the most fabric wins' oh and launch my own range of fabrics...stay tuned.....

Vintage fabric packs are currently available at the Crafty Squirrel with vintage fabric on bolts and cut to order on their way! I can't wait!

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