Linen Souvenir Tea towel Cushions

New tea towel cushions for sale at the Crafty Squirrel
Mumma & Baby Bushkas
Linen Souvenir Tea Towel cushions by Morgan Wills

One of the best things about having my own little corner store is that I get to make special small batches of things just to sell in the shop. Years of doing markets with the whole set up and pack up nature of them has made me appreciate how lovely it is to come into the shop on a Friday morning, turn the lights on, unlock the door and there you have it – open for business!

Because I am only open two days a week, it is a little like having a two day market stall every week-end without all the fuss of carting all my stock here, there and everywhere. The other thing I love about the shop is that it is a little like having an open studio where I can get some work done and customers can come and visit me! My hands are always busy making and creating and I often get into conversations with customers about what I am making when they come in.

My newest venture is something that has been ticking away in my head for quite a while now (it often takes me a long time to get a product from my head to reality) and finally I am happy to say that some of my very best linen souvenir tea towels have been selected to become cushions.

Backed with matching wool cashmere fabrics and linen covered buttons, the cushions come with a custom made feather and fibre cushion insert and are now available for sale in the Crafty Squirrel! One has even made its way inside the house to live on our couch – lucky me!


Jo Hodges said...

I love those special....they would look perfect on any couch Xox Jo

Morgan Wills said...

Thanks Jo :-)

A Piece Of Cloth said...

Tea towel envy!

jowdjbrown said...

I did end up with an awful lot on the table. One thing leads to another. healthy tea perth

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